Yon-ka Wellness Massages

Yon-Ka Aroma-Sculptant Massage              55 mins           €90

The ultimate relaxation experience thanks to the toning massage, using bamboos. The Pressures are both vibrant and soft which brings a sensation of lightness, particularly beneficial on the legs.

Yon-Ka Aroma-Relax Massage                     55 mins           €90

Unwinding massage with warm volcanic stones for deep relaxation and an intense feeling of well-being. On the back the volcanic stones warm the muscles and activate micro-circulation to ease muscle tension and allow the mind to escape.

Yon-Ka Aroma Energy Massage                  55 mins           €90

Re-balancing massage with hands and feet acupressure. The sustained pressure with the fingertips on specific targeted areas of the hands and feet to allow to lift the energy blockages, relieve stress and relax.

Yon-Ka Exfoliation Treatments

Yon-Ka Gommage Douceur Exfoliation        30 mins       €55

A gentle scrub that exfoliates the skin without attacking it. Combining the exfoliating power of bamboo powder and apricot kernels with the hydrating power of Mango butter. The finesse of the grains make it an ideal exfoliation for the most sensitive skins

Yon-Ka Gommage Gourmand Exfoliation      30 mins        €55

Scrub with brown and white sugar and rich in oils. Its unique texture that turns into milk in contact with water, gives this scrub a very cocooning dimension. It exfoliates, smooths and reveals the radiance of the skin.

Yon-Ka Wellness Escape                                85mins        €135

Experience a combination of a full body exfoliation combined with a wellness massage. During the consultation your therapist will be guided by your sense of smell and choose the journey your body craves most.